From blog posts to online news articles, farmer spotlights in the local newspaper and our biannual farm newsletter; I'm sharing our farm story.

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Entrepreneur - The lessons that cows, yes, cows, can teach entrepreneurs...

What does transitioning a herd of 300 cows to a robotic milking system have to do with work behaviors and team work? I coauthored this article featured in Entrepreneur connecting the experiences we had training both cows and employees to adapt to a really big change, successfully.

ozy news story

ozy news - a day in the life of a cow crap cultivator

I was asked, 'how was your day?' and I told them! I got to share a glance into a day in the life of me, on our farm for this milennial focused online news site! It was also my first time getting such a prestigious job title; cow crap cultivator! (that was their editorial edition)

Freund family

From the Farmers Tractor

Phil Lempert aka The Supermarket Guru shares stories from American farmers in The Food Journal and Food, Nutrition & Science. This Q & A series allowed me to reflect on our history as well as looking forward to the future for our family farm.

Dottie Jacquier feature in The Lakeville Journal
katlyn kinsella feature in lakeville journal
Sandy Boardman feature in The Lakeville Journal
Rachel Freund feature in The lakeville journal

4 Dairy Farming women features in the lakeville journal

June is Dairy Month and in 2016 I wrote 4 features of dairy women in our community. The series was published on the front page each week in The Lakeville Journal, our local newspaper. The series began with my neighbor and the dairy matriarch, Dottie Jacquier. These dairy women spanned 4 generations and each reflected on the value of family and community to their success as farming women.

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farm love blog post for cabot creamery

Cabot Creamery Cooperative #farmlove blog

I have been invited to share exciting updates from our farm on the Cabot Cooperative blog. From describing what sustainability means on our farm upon receiving a national sustainability award to sharing my top 5 reasons for having farm love. #farmlove 

spring 2016 farm newsletter
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spring 2017 newsletter
fall 2017 farm newsletter

sharing our Farm news - biannual Newsletters

Every spring and fall, I work with our neighbor farm to draft a newsletter that focuses on our farming practices, our animal care and our families. The newsletter is mailed to over 2000 neighbors and community members to help share our story and provide transparency into our farm operations.