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From high heels to barn boots

I thought I had traded in the 4 inch heels when I moved back to the farm to work full time with my family in 2015. But then my brother found these red and black plaid heels! And well, there's been plenty of opportunities to leave the barn boots in the mudroom. I have traveled with these plaid heels from Minnesota and Nebraska to New York and around my home state of Connecticut to tell my story as a 3rd generation, woman farmer!

You're probably left wondering, why plaid? Specifically, red and black plaid?

Our family's dairy farm belongs to the Cabot Creamery Cooperative. Cabot is a farmer owned cooperative made up of 1000 farm families from New York and New England. We are proud of our award winning cheddar cheeses and full line up of dairy products; cultured products, butters and whey. Our signature cheese is Seriously Sharp Cheddar, and the package is strewn with, you guessed it, red and black plaid. As a Cabot farmer, I have a full wardrobe (and even flannel bed sheets) that are red and black plaid. They are my team colors!

Check out the places I've gone to speak about being a farmer over the past 2 years.


About Me


I work alongside my family as the 3rd generation on our dairy farm in NW Connecticut. My family operates 3 unique farm businesses; Freund's Farm, CowPots and Freund's Farm Market & Bakery

I graduated from Cornell University. I worked for a Congresswoman, led a grassroots campaign for Connecticut Farm Bureau, served 2 years in Zambia as a Peace Corps Volunteer and worked for UConn Extension's 10% Campaign before returning to our farm.

Outside of my daily farm chores, I currently serve as President on our dairy cooperative's Young Cooperators Committee and am Vice President of The Canaan Foundation.



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Talking. I get that from my mom. That farming woman has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and while raising 4 farm kids, she expanded her farm market to include a bakery, catering business, garden center and when time permits, seamstress services. She is one passionate lady and she LOVES talking about her crops and where food comes from!

Our farm is a multi-faceted business that focuses on animal care, sustainability, diversification and economic viability and I love telling our story through farm tours, writing and speaking at conferences.